Why use DMCA-Services .com Takedown Services?

Experience, professionalism and qualifications. As the name suggests we are industry best at getting stolen content taken down. DMCA-Services .com boasts one of the most experienced internet teams around. Our professional team of qualified experts know how to get your stolen content taken down fast. No matter what country the thieving website is hosted in. On average we will have your stolen or copyrighted material take down within a few hours.

Hiring a lawyer or battling the infringer alone can be an expensive, frustrating and time consuming process, made worse if the website is hosted in another country than you and your lawyer. It can take days or event weeks to find a lawyer with experience in DMCA (internet) takedowns, negotiate fees and for them to start working on your case.Meanwhile, every second your copyrighted content is being spread around the internet!

This is in no way a slight against lawyers or law firms. On the contrary, the legal community are valuable partners in the fight against copyright infringement, content protection and the pursuit of thievs. DMCA-Services .com often works with lawyers to help them pursue content criminals across the planet. Their business is the law and ours is the internet and that is why we can do what we do quicker!

DMCA-Services .com saves you time and money. Our takedown form is easy and simple to complete. Our service fee is a fraction of what your lawyer must charge you.

In less than 3 minutes you can have all of the information regarding the theft submitted. DMCA-Services .com has professionals working 24 hours 7 days a week on DMCA Takedown claims. Many times we can have your content removed from the infringing website before a lawyer could even get started!

We have removed over 120,000 pirated tube videos and still counting!


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